What our Customers say...


Thanks to Tom for his "thinking outside the box" approach and gracious assistance to me this past year in helping me, as a chemically sensitive person, recover my home from mold after a roof leak. I worked with many different people but Tom stood out with his courtesy and knowledge about how to fix the problem without using toxic chemicals. He was my "top" adviser and I owe him a debt of gratitude. I cannot recommend his company more highly to others, for his high ethical standards and willingness to show me an alternative way to solve the problem myself without charging me for mitigation service or consulting time. He's a great guy. I thank him profusely for the gift of my home back. Without his expert advice and encouragement, I could be homeless now..


They brought in a ice blaster and used it in the whole house, removed all of the mold, and repaired
the water damage. They did a great job.

The two-man crew was punctual, professional, courteous, and friendly. They explained the process before starting, and cleaned our wall-to-wall carpet in about 1 hour. I am very happy with how clean the carpet is, and will definitely use them next time. And they were less than half the cost quoted me from another cleaning service! Bonus - we got 10% off with their coupon we found on Angie's List.

Carpet cleaning. It was really dirty (pet, food and drink stains). They went over it as many times as it took to get it clean. I highly recommend SERVPRO of Olympia.

Thanks for the wonderful job you performed on my luggage that I hold in high esteme. You made my day, it is not leaving this house without me again. Thanks again for a job well done. I will recommend you when ever any cleaning services are needed.

Tom showed up right on time and started the carpet cleaning right away. They did an excellent job on our 9 year old carpet in a quick and professional fashion. Tom even helped me break down a bunk bed and moved it out of the house for me! I definitely recommend SERVPRO of Olympia!

We have had Tom clean our carpets yearly when we had a houseful of it, but now we only have 3 rooms of carpet! His work is top notch, and he leaves them as dry as possible, and will even tighten carpets which have loosened up over the years. He's truly a carpet expert! 

Tom is honest, hard working and he'd be the first person we'd call, should we have any disaster! He's friendly and fun! He now cleans our RV as well! Prices are reasonable, he's reliable and on time!

A belated Thank You for your help/advice. You came to my son & my house in Tumwater. We worked in the house until I left the country & I have just returned. We will absolutely refer your company & use you if a need arises

Offerings, Timeliness, Quality, Customer Service We really appreciated that they moved our furniture and cleaned the whole house carpet. Everything was done as stated. Thanks

Great. Everyone was very nice, fast and professional.

Water Damage. Dry out carpet, walls, Take out damaged drywall and carpet pad, bathroom floor, vanity Great! Everyone was very nice, fast and professional.

SERVPRO of Olympia is more than just carpet cleaning. These guys are Fire &Water cleanup and restoration as well as mold remediation. Tom is honest as the day is long. We had a home inspection go sideways when the inspector told the potential buyers there was "toxic black mold" in the attic. Believe me this raised alarm bells. We have been in our home 14 years and never had an issue. We checked the attic and saw nothing that looked like what the photos of "toxic black mold" looked like.

Continued: I called SERVPRO and they quickly came out and looked over the attic and said they could see nothing to be alarmed at, nothing that hinted at "toxic black mold" that even our cobwebs are clean. Yes the roof sheeting has a dark stain, like you see when lumber is weathered.

Continued: He said we could call out someone to swab and culture to the tune of 4-6k but he saw absoutely no reason to do so. We then talked about proactively treating and decided that even though it would run 2k to do so, we could say it was done.

The day they were to come spray Tom from SERVPRO called and said ethically and in good conscious could not come and spray for something that wasn't there. He said it felt like he would be ripping us off and asked that we hold off. That not all home inspectors are idiots and that if it were brought up again then we would reassess. You just don't find that kind of honesty in business anymore. I would not hesitate to recommend SERVPRO to anyone and should the need arise I'll call them again.

Excellent. Very Professional. Would absolutely use again

I've used their services twice. Excellent service. Friendly and honest people. They were happy to answer our questions and gave us good information about the longevity or our carpets. Very reasonable fees. I strongly recommend and would use them again.

They checked for problem cleaning areas, pretreated an area in one room. Connected the water to outside, ran the hose all the way in the furthest room and begin to clean each room until they worked their way out of the house. While one guy steam vacuumed, another guy went behind him with a carpet rake. The entire process was about an hour. They were in and out. The carpets were usable after a few hours. The carpet was sooodirty and they were transformed in an hour.

Very Satisfied! We appreciate very much the education we received regarding the work and related process during our water damage.

A good experience. We have four large dogs who spend time indoors, the carpet was in dire need of a cleaning upstairs. The downstairs carpet had suffered a flood. We were warned some spots might be left upstairs, while the downstairs would likely look even worse. We decided to go through with the cleaning, mindful of these warnings. The two gentlemen who cleaned the carpets were pleasant and focused. They even cleaned a large area rug. We are a satisfied customer

Ideal Service Provided. I was very happy and surprised that SERVPRO of Olympia answered the phone at 9:00 pm so I made an appointment for that next morning. They really helped to mitigate the damage! The claim would have been much higher if SERVPRO hadn't been so proactive to help us. The office staff was very professional. They provided just an excellent experience.

Cleaned the carpet in my entire house The carpet was extremely dirty from two years of large dogs tracking dirt in and out. Tom and his crew explained exactly what they were going to do. They moved furniture, cleaned, steamed and scrubbed the whole place.Very personable and professional-called when they needed to be a bit late-and left the carpet gleaming. They did an AMAZING job.