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Historical Home Attic Clean up with Dry Ice

Dry Ice Blasting was used in a Historical Home located in Vader, Washington for the removal of soot staining from the rafters located in the attic. The loss was... READ MORE

Shower Stall needs some help

Dry Ice Blasting to the rescue in cleaning layers of residue build up. SERVPRO of Olympia was called out to perform a miracle in the attempt to clean off layers... READ MORE

Fireplace Brick Clean up

Dry Ice Blasting will clean up Fireplace Brick. While Fireplace brick can be chemically cleaned by using heavy cosmetic products or sand blasting can also clean... READ MORE

Commercial Cleaning - Stairs with an attitude

These stairs are heavily in use over the course of the day and ground in dirt builds up over time. You don’t have time to worry about the common wear and ... READ MORE

Crawl space Microbial Growth Invasion

When Microbial Growth Invades your Home, Call SERVPRO of Olympia, (360) 754-9689 Where ever it may reside, SERVPRO has the products and tools to escort these i... READ MORE

Dry Ice Blasting Commercial Application

SERVPRO of Olympia provides dry ice blasting process for Commercial Application. This was cleaning off years of build up on HVAC Units. In owning Dry Ice Blast... READ MORE