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SERVPRO of Olympia owns a Dry Ice Blaster for your specialty cleaning needs. The process is non-conductive, non-corrosive and is food grade safe. Best of all there will be no secondary waste to clean up.  


Dry Ice Blasting was used in a Historical Home located in Vader, Washington for removal of soot staining from rafters located in the attic.  The loss was caused by a lightning strike via the lightning rod located on the roof.  


Dry Ice Blasting can be performed in a closed environment, eg. in a house or commercial building, since there is no secondary debris left behind. This application eliminates the need to use toxic chemicals to remove the soot from the fireplace brick.  

Dry Ice Blasting Parking Garage

Removal of pigeon feces from a parking garage was a fast cleaning process. As well as being a fast and efficient process, the main focus was not to use water during the cleaning process.  The pigeon feces can turn toxic when wet which can spread diseases to unwanted areas of the parking garage.

Water Damage

Beware of what could cause a water damage, Hot Water Tank. The tank is warranted for ten years which is the indicator that it will fail. Water sediment, corrosion, and calcification can contribute to destruction of the tank. Look for signs of rust at the bottom and top of the top.

Cause of Water Damage

BEWARE of what could cause a water damage. The Washer supply lines. The rubber supply lines should be replaced every five year, due to the environmental conditions (eg. too dry, too hot, water pressure.) The steel braided style supply line holds up longer to those environmental conditions which can occur.